What are the benefits of short-term rental?

Your income can potentially be up to 3 times higher, and you can use your apartment whenever you need it, simply by blocking the dates when you’re planning on using it. It’s that simple.

How much is going to cost me?

It really depends on the service package, but there isn’t a fixed price. You pay after a reservation and a proceeded payment.

How do we chose the guests?

We choose them under strict rules set in advance and by you.

Can I cancel the service at any time?

Sure. If a reservation is due, communicated by use, you owe us 10% of the given income as a forfeit.

What happens if my property is damages in any way?

We strongly recommend you to insure your property – the fee is between 50 and 100 lv. (25-30 EUR) per year.  You can ask for a deposit from your guests, which we’ll return only if your property is not damaged in any way.